Scottish Summit 2022 – Laura Webb – Finding my community and myself! – YouTube

Have you ever sat up on the edge of a boat or a pool and just settled there with your toes dipped in the water?

Feeling like you don’t really have what it takes to dive in?
Or maybe diving in was just something you never knew you had the option of doing?

This talk will be about my journey into the Microsoft community and how I’ve been supported, encouraged, guided, befriended and invited to dive into the Microsoft world, head first.

I was just sitting on the side, feeling like I didn’t have what it takes to be apart of this amazing industry. It didn’t even really occur to me that this industry really existed or that I would ever have the option of getting involved.

Following people’s advice, studying and saying ‘YES!’, it helped me to stay focused, connected and excited when times were challenging, it also helped me figure myself out a little more when I was feeling a bit lost.

I am hoping this talk will inspire and guide others to discover the community, as well as find courage and hidden skills that they possibly didn’t know they already had, to be apart of something so fantastic.


Author: Scottish Summit

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