Robert French – Maps with Power BI the easy way – YouTube

Power BI is considered by many people to be an amazing tool to visualize data with. What is there not to like? Importing data is easy and simple, display the data on the report panel is just as simple. Creating bar charts, lines charts, treemaps so easy and simple.

Often there is data that can be displayed on maps, so you go and do some googling find a dataset which has some interesting results. Then there is some more googling to make understand the data zone referenced. Finally, how do you get the “shapefile” into the PowerBI report?

This session will be an exploration of the mapping visualizations in PowerBI. It will also look at different types of geographical data. What is the shapefile, what is a geojson file, why should you care. Can you convert between the two what challenges might come up against and how to overcome them? This session will be a combination of clear simple explanations of “how-to” and some practical hints and tips. So you to can show your data on a map in Power BI.


Author: Scottish Summit

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