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In this “Power BI” tutorial you’ll get to know What is Power BI as well as features of Power BI. And moving towards the video the topics that we are going cover here is:

Key Concepts of this Presentation
1) Bussiness Scenario
2) Why Business Intelligence(BI)
3) Business Intelligence With Power BI
4) Features & Capabilities of Power BI
5) Power BI For Each Role
6) Case Study

What is Power BI?
Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool which helps the organization in aggregating, analysing and visualising the data. It offers various capabilities such as data discovery, data preparation and user engaging dashboards.

There are two types of power Bi models available in Power Bi among them one is free version which suits bets the needs of small organizations and other one comes on subscription basis which is designed to cater the needs of large enterprises. User can use Power BI by downloading desktop application and also he can download the native apps of Power BI on all kinds of operating systems.

Power BI is used to find hidden insights out of data of an organization. Power BI integrates various data sets, cleanises them, creates data models and creates charts or visuals or graphs.

About The Course:
Power Bi is a Powerful data visualization tool that integrates Data from various sources, analyzes them and visualize the insights that are hidden inside the data.

Mindmajix Power BI course is designed in a manner to make you ready for handling all kinds of dashboards such as Advanced insights and online web dashboards that are updated automatically within no time.

The course is going to starts with the topics such as architecture and components of Power BI along with Power Pivot and Power Query. You will also learn clear concepts of Power Bi desktop, Power Map and Power Map. Despite these concepts, you will also gain knowledge about the Power BI Question & answers and how companies can leverage the best of Power BI. Finally, you will gain knowledge on deploying data files and building dashboards.

Once you are Done with Mindmajix power BI Training you will be able to do the following things:

Discuss Power Pivot, Power BI, Power Map, Power View.
Describe Power BI desktop
Explain data visualization
Develop Custom visualization
Explain Power BI with Reports
Discuss the Administration concepts
Discuss Power BI Embedded
Discuss power Bi query
Describe DAX
State Power BI and insights

Why learn Power BI?

Power BI helps various levels of employees such as managers, analysts, data scientists in visualizing the data and understanding the insights of it.

It Simplifies the data visualization process and it is equipped with the self-service business intelligence capabilities which require no support from the IT team. Any employee at any level can create dashboards without having any technical knowledge.

Power Bi is designed to provide visualisation services via the cloud. Despite all the above it also offers various types of Data modelling capabilities such as Data discovery, Interactive dashboards and data preparation.

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