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? In this Power BI Desktop For Beginners video, you will how the power BI Dashboard looks, different icons, how the report looks., how to extract data from data sources, how to transform data, how to create and manage relationships, and lot more interesting concepts. This is a must-watch video for everyone who wishes to learn powerBI and make a career in the BI domain.

Watch Power bI Full course here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zioodkDZ4U

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00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – Microsoft Power BI Desktop
04:41 – Options
06:34 – Get Data
11:21 – Navigator
14:32 – Data
17:59 – Apply query changes
19:31 – Extract data from data source
Watch Full Course here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zioodkDZ4U

? Why should you watch this Power BI video?

You can learn Power BI much faster than any other BI tool and this power bi tutorial helps you do just that. This Intellipaat power bi tutorial for beginners will familiarize you with the various BI reporting concepts. Power BI is one of the best reporting advances that is finding increased applications for data visualization in a lot of industry domains. Our Power BI training course has been created with extensive inputs from industry experts so that you can learn Power BI and apply it to real-world scenarios.

? Why should you opt for a Power BI career?

Today every business enterprise and department needs extensive business insights and Power BI puts the power in your hands. You can easily work with multiple sources of data, convert it into a report, graph, or data visualization of your choice. Get real-time insights and deploy it faster than any other BI tool available in the market. It is open-source and highly intuitive and does not need technical knowledge or IT support.

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