North52 Quick Button Application

North52 Quick Button Application

Another soluton I love form N52 is the quick button application where you can adda webresource button to a form to trigger many and varied commands .We have all a seen a custom Webresource button on a form which calls a custom bit of JavaScript to perform a specific function or run a on demand workflow.

Here I have added the button to a form to create a related child record. The requirement is that a contact wants to book a space on training session which will then be captured as a booking.

To meet this we are looking to have a button on the training session page which will initiate the creating of a new record and open this new record(openentityform). The new record will also have some details prepopulated via the set attribute below.


This has all been possible through the quick button app solution from North52,it is a further product which can be used along side the other offering from the great guys over at North 52


The formula I used for this feature is as below. We are starting with smartflow to allow us to group the several actions we are using to meet this requirement.



SetVar(‘create_booking’ ,


SetAttribute(‘bcg_booking’, ( [bcg_training.bcg_sessionref] +’ – booking’)),

SetAttributeLookup(‘bcg_contactid’, ‘contact’ ,[bcg_training.bcg_contactid]),

SetAttributeLookup(‘bcg_bookingid’, ‘Booking’ ,[bcg_training.bcg_sessionref]),

SetAttribute(‘bcg_bookingdate’, UtcDate())


OpenEntityForm(‘bcg_booking’, GetVar(‘create_booking’ ))



So that covers the creation of the record, now we need to create the button.

To do this we need add the Webresource to the form. Place the web form in the area you want to see the button.  Once added to the form we then need to edit the web resource properties.

As in the web resource properties we define the behaviour of the button and which formula it is going to trigger.

Firstly select the webresource north52_quick_button_advanced

In the Custom parameter(data) field needs to be populated in a very specific format where we first enter the shortcode of the formula |(pipe) then the text you want to see on the button |(pipe) type of button .

For example “fxz|Book|pure-button button-error”


Then moving on to the formatting tab we can control how many columns on the form the button will consume very simply in the rows field and setting the iframe to Never scroll

This will give me a Red button where I have placed the webresource on the form which has the text Book and when pressed will run the formal above. Presenting a new record to book the contact on the session where the button was pressed.


Just another example of the many uses of the wonderful tools from North52




Author: beardedcrmguy

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