NerdioCon 2023 Build-up: Episode 3 – Mike Starnes Podcast – YouTube

Welcome to the I Am IT Geek YouTube Channel! This is the start of a little mini-series in which I am building up to the NerdioCon 2023 conference which is taking place on the 27th Feb to 2nd March. As a Nerdio NVP I will be attending and presenting!

In todays video I am joined by Foundation ITs Mike Starnes for a NerdioCon special podcast. Mike was at NerdioCon 2022 and will be attending NerdioCon 2023 as well and in todays build-up episode we discuss how Foundation IT are using Nerdio to help its clients, as well as discuss last years event and what we are looking forward to at this years event!

Link to the Conference page:

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Foundation IT Website:
Foundation IT Twitter: @foundationit
Foundation IT LinkedIn:

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Author: shabaz darr

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