Nerdio Series: Episode 1 – Nerdio Introduction – YouTube

Welcome to a new mini series all based on Nerdio Integration with Azure Virtual Desktop! This is a product I have wanted to understand more about for a while and have finally got round to putting it in my lab! In this short 4 episode series I will share my experience and the process I followed to deploy Nerdio Enterprise, how to manage resources and how to optimize your AVD Infrastructure.

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Twitter: @shabazdarr
LinkedIn: Shabaz Darr

Episode Break-down:

00:00 – I Am IT Geek Introduction
01:45 – Nerdio Introduction
02:40 – Series break-down
04:22 – What is Nerdio?
05:47 – Demo of the Nerdio Portal
09:45 – Closing statement


Author: shabaz darr

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