Microsoft Sentinel for Dynamics 365 F&O

Today I’m bringing you a post that’s all about Dynamics 365 F&O, but the main focus is on security, specifically Microsoft Sentinel. Some days ago it was announced a Microsoft Sentinel Solution for F&O had been published and is currently in preview. Let’s learn a bit about it! Sometimes we overlook the security aspects of… Continue Reading Microsoft Sentinel for Dynamics 365…

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Microsoft Sentinel for Dynamics 365 F&O

Contents hide 1 What is Microsoft Sentinel? 2 Configuring Microsoft Sentinel for F&O 2.1 Create a new Log Analytics Workspace 2.2 Add Microsoft Sentinel to the workspace 2.3 Install the F&O solution 2.4 Install the F&O data connector 2.5 Get the function Managed Identity 3 Create a new security role 3.1 Create a new user…

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