Microservices Tutorial for Beginners | Building Microservices with ASP.NET Core – YouTube

👉 What you will learn in this Microservices tutorial video:
✅ Introduction to Microservices
✅ Microservices Principles
✅ Need of Microservices
✅ Microservices Development Tools
✅ Integrating Ocelot API Gateway
✅ Building Microservices Using ASP.NET Core
✅ Testing Microservices Using Postman

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🔥 DotNetTricks Microservices Online Training: https://bit.ly/2O15nON
🔥 Microservices Tutorial | Microservices with .NET Core – https://www.dotnettricks.com/learn/microservices

Mastering Microservices with ASP.Net Core Training: This is 6 weeks live interactive online training program which enables you to learn Microservices from scratch to advanced using ASP.NET CORE3.1. This is unlimited Live online training, where you need to invest once.

This hands-on extensive training will be delivered by Microsoft MVPs & Technical consultant Mr. Shailendra Chauhan, along with unlimited access to other training programs like Azure, Angular, DevOps, Docker, and Kubernetes offered by DotNetTricks.

Learn to build Microservices architecture to manage your APIs on Azure API Management. Become an expert in building and deploying your microservices built application to Azure Cloud using CI/CD & various Microservices architecture.
After the completion of this training, you will be able to
1. Design & Implement Microservices Architecture
2. Build Microservices architecture using ASP.NET Core
3. Use Swagger to document APIs
4. Learn how to break Existing N-Tier apps to hooked on Microservices
5. Create a distributed database by crumbling centralized database
6. Deploy .NET Core Applications to Azure cloud using Service Fabric Cluster
7. Learn Azure Service Fabric for deploying
8. Step By Step host your current web Apps to Service Fabric
9. Implement Ocelot API Gateway
10. Learn & Implement Azure API Management
11. Query Microservices using the CQRS pattern
12. Learn the Service Bus and RabbitMQ to implement Asynchronous communication.
13. Learn to Set up Microservices CI/CD Pipeline.

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Author: Sourav Raj

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