Michał Furmankiewicz – Security in the Cloud – 10 unknown facts you have to be very careful about wh – YouTube

During the session I will show 10 things which are easily omitted during cloud deployments and can led to data and identity exposure. By default cloud providers tend to give very flexible environment with great possibility of automation, however then people on various levels tend to forget how to deploy environments with security in mind. During my cloud journey for last 5 years in the enterprise sector I have seen security teams focused mainly on networking security while the whole rest has been left. So then during the session we will focus on things like Network Peering and filtering, Outgoing traffic, Azure Active Directory, RBAC custom roles, Azure Policy, Managed Service Identity, Azure VM agent, App Service Plan for AppService, Azure VM Disk Encryption and couple more. All of those, who would like to be active during the workshop, will have the chance to play with those tools on their own environment


Author: Scottish Summit

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