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Every time a new team comes together, all participants agree that they will collaborate. Not only that, but they also agree on collaborate in an efficient way. But do you know what?
Everybody has a very clear idea of how good cooperation works…but unfortunately, everybody has his own idea!

The modern workplace offers hundred different possibilities to collaborate, to communicate, track your tasks, keep you up to date, manage your time. The possibilities are almost endless, and everybody has his/her own, very unique working style. Naturally, you will experience misunderstandings, different understandings of deadlines, roles, and responsibilities.

Some projects teams seem to work together effortlessly, while others experience a hard time doing so.

In this session, Michael will reveal the secret tips and tricks those highly effective teams know and use every day. Michael will show you how to master the art of the collaboration contract:

  1. What is a collaboration contract and why is it necessary?
  2. What content needs to be covered in such a contract?
  3. How can Microsoft Teams help you with that?

He will demonstrate that using Microsoft Teams as an example, but it works with other tools too. Even without anyone!
You will end up with a clear understanding of how to smoothen your teamwork, even for teams who work together remotely and for a limited period of time. Michael will provide you with a clear checklist of things to think about and take care of.

What concerns all, can only be solved by all!

Session takeaways
• Understand what challenges have to be overcome by a modern team
• Learn what a collaboration contract is and how it supports your teamwork -every day
• Get a clear checklist that you can use right away to plan and enhance your collaboration style


Author: Scottish Summit

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