Maker Experience, ALM for Canvas Apps and the Power Management Framework with Ryan Cunningham – YouTube

We chat with Ryan Cunningham to discuss the Maker Experience, ALM for Canvas Apps and Power Management Framework

What You Will Learn:
✅Personal information and what Ryan does outside of his Microsoft day job
✅Role in Microsoft as a Group Program Manager
✅Working with the core CDS platform team
✅How a massive endorsement translates to business, engineering, design, and vision in context of the GPM for PowerApps role
✅How he keeps the business very business-focused
✅Questions from customers in this type of engagement, especially around UX
✅Balancing the request coming from the market and what the team can show
✅Managing patents and controlling a limited view of who gets know about what they’re going to patent
✅Routine in preparing to go on stage before a presentation
✅Ryan’s path into the business applications team
✅Thoughts on the switch from CDS 1 to the underlying code base of what is Dynamics
✅Unifying of Canvas Apps and model driven apps
✅The point at which Office 365 move into the Dynamics suite
✅Thoughts on the admin experience over the maker experience and how it’s playing out
✅Thoughts on the concern for the ALM story for Canvas Apps
✅Thoughts on PCF (Power Control Framework)
✅Opportunities for ISVS and advice for startups wanting to consider Power Platform

✅ Find Ryan Online
?Resources Mentioned:
?CDS (previous version) –
?Upgrade to CDS for Apps –
?Improve ALM for Canvas Apps –
?PCF (Power Control Framework on Azure –
?Enrich your model-driven forms with embedded canvas apps (Public preview) –

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