Kasun Rajapaksha Pathirana on the MVP Show – YouTube


• Kasun Rajapaksha Pathirana country of origin and his story of moving to New Zealand. 
• Best places, food recommendations and good things about Sri Lanka 
• The impact of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka 
• Kasun talks about his involvement with the Singapore community – Dynamics and Power Platform Community. 
• A conversation about Kasun’s area of specialization and skills when it comes to Microsoft tools. 
• Talks about Kasun’s interest in Dynamics – how did it start? 
• Learning and training experience – how did Karun learn more about Dynamics? 
• How Kasun managed to move from one job to another. 
• The steps involved in Kasun’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
• Discussion about Kasun’s first MVP Summit as a first time MVP. 
• Recommendations to people considering becoming a Microsoft MVP. 

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Author: NZ365Guy

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