Karoliina Kettukari – It’s the year of Yam– Viva Engage again! – YouTube

Yammer might be dead, but Viva la Viva Engage! Has your Yammer been a dry desert with occasional tumbleweeds rolling slowly around? Do you want to turn it into an engaging, lush oasis filled with discussions, insights, laughter and connections? Of course you do! Welcome to the session, where I will show you how it’s done. We’ll deep dive into the role of Viva Engage amongst all communication tools in Microsoft 365 and how it fits within Teams and other Viva solutions. You’ll discover why your organisation should use Engage – and when Engage might not be the best fit. We will go through best practices for launching (or, in many cases re-launching) Engage and discover use cases for different situations, such as supporting well-being, transparent leadership or knowledge sharing across the organisation. After this session, you’ve fallen in love with Yam– Viva Engage again šŸ’˜ Session takeaways: – Positioning Viva Engage amongst communication tools – Tips for launching or re-launching Viva Engage – Best use cases for Viva Engage


Author: Scottish Summit

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