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Join me as I a joined in this session where I chat to friends and colleagues about how to get started blogging and choosing your platform. We cover off the reasons why we all blog, the benefits we’ve found from doing so. Choosing the right blogging platform can also be a big challenge for anyone starting out and we share our thoughts on our blogging platform choices and why we’ve went with them.

Sharing our success stories and thoughts from our years of experience in this fun session!

Shannon Kuehn |
Jamie Maguire |
Chris Reddington |
John Lunn |
Sarah Lean |
0:00 Countdown
1:56 Introductions
2:25 Hey Shannon
2:51 Hey Chris
3:14 Hey Jamie
3:44 Hey John
4:18 Today is about blogging
4:59 Why blog? Is blogging dead?
8:33 Blogging can be a great marketing platform for you
9:15 Blogging can be our own knowledge base
11:36 Turn your notes into a blog
11:58 Turn your learnings into blog posts
12:22 Blogging platforms
13:37 Jamie went for WordPress
14:25 Shannon’s frustrations with Hugo and Jekyll
16:33 Chris’s blogging platform journey
19:17 Sarah’s move to Ghost and why
21:07 John is using WordPress
24:45 WordPress – love or hate it
25:50 Blog discoverability
28:28 Calculate your costs
31:05 Which platform is the best for SEO?
32:29 Promoting your content
33:41 Automating sharing your content
36:53 Finding ideas to write content
37:35 Reusing content
39:55 Scaling your knowledge
41:48 Blogging does require focus
43:02 Everyone learns differently so exploring mediums to share your knowledge
43:54 Blogging content similar to others?
46:19 Growing as you blog, it is a learning process
48:27 Don’t be frightened to share your story
53:39 Jamie – just click publish
53:56 John – get involved with the community
54:20 Chris – do it for the reasons you want to
54:45 Shannon – don’t be afraid to fail
55:32 Wrap Up
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Author: Sarah Lean 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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