How to Expand Rich Text Editor control in Dynamics 365 CE?

In one of my earlier articles, i had explained about How to create Rich Text Editor in Dynamics 365 CE?, which looks like the below.

Also, Microsoft has provided an ability the extend the properties/ features of the Rich Text Editor.

Below, is one of the extended feature of the Rich Text Editor, where the control can be maximized and can easily enter data in it.

In this article, will show you the way to expand the Rich Text Editor Control.

Follow the below steps for the same.

Step 1: Open the required Entity Form. Click on the Rich Text Control and Click on Change Properties.

Step 2: Click on Controls tab.

Step 3: Click on Rich Text Editor Control and Click on Pencil Icon to provide Custom configuration URL.

Step 4: For configuring the Custom configuration URL, you have to provide a Custom JavaScript Webresource Relative URL.

So, create a JScript Web Resource with some Name like new_RichTextControlConfigurations and Display…

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Author: Arun Potti

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