Heiko Brenn – Make PowerShell A Real Solution in 5 Steps – YouTube

“PowerShell is an awesome framework for automating and standardizing recurring tasks like user on-/off-boardings, provisioning VMs or creating new Microsoft Teams according to your governance rules.
But it requires three things: 1. PowerShell know-how 2. Time to write scripts 3. Backend permissions to run scripts in your on-premises, hybrid or cloud environment.
These three requirements typically limit the use of PowerShell to IT Administrators and IT Pros.

Now, what if you could delegate PowerShell to helpdesk teams and end users in a secure and easy way?
No matter if you manage on-premise, hybrid or cloud infrastructures, you can achieve this with ScriptRunner.
In this session I show you how you simplify the way you develop, manage and delegate PowerShell in 5 steps.
Expect lots of Office 365 and Azure demos.

  1. Centralize your PowerShell scripts and modules

  2. Secure credentials and permissions management

  3. Automatically create an easy to use browser-based user interface

  4. Monitor all PowerShell activities with a flexible dashboard

  5. Delegate script execution to helpdesk teams and end users


Author: Scottish Summit

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