Episode 5: Easy PowerApps Hacks To Make Your Users Life Easy – YouTube

Hello Viewers

In this episode we are talking about super easy hacks which will help you in making a user friendly app. Following is what I am talking in the video; I have specified time against each item so I can watch what you want to watch and not the whole video:

Pop ups (with conditions) -2:00
Launch (website or another app) -8:15 
Dynamic heading/title -11:10
Many to Many relationship galleries (are they any different to filter?) -15:45
Relate/Unrelate formulas -17:35
Push Notifications to PowerApps users -23:23
(Dynamic push notification example in this blog https://powerapps.microsoft.com/pl-pl/blog/add-push-notification-to-you-app-and-boost-usage-and-retention/)

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Hope it helps!


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Author: Prashant Shukla

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