Episode 4: Building Your First PowerApp (App/Canvas App) – YouTube

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In this episode we are going to build our first app from scratch. This episode is based on a real life scenario to help the residents of a society. The residents will be able to do the following:

Service Requests
List of ‘My Request’
Raise a new request
Club Events
List of ‘Events’
Submit a response
Upcoming Payments
List of upcoming payments
Your learnings from this session would be:

Adding a Welcome Screen
With background and logo icon
Making an image clickable
Adding a home screen
Adding buttons
Renaming buttons
Changing OnSelect property of buttons
Adding galleries/list screen
Adding Service Request list
Filter service requests by logged in user’s email/full name
Click a button to open a new service request
Click a button to submit a request
Click a button to see details of a request
Adding Invoice list
Click a button to see details
Filter on logged in user’s email and due date in future
Adding campaign list
Click a button to see campaign details
One screen for campaign detail and new response form
Reset a form after submission

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Hope it helps!

Happy CRMing!


Author: Prashant Shukla

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