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In this video, Chris lays out his second weekly technology vlog update talking about updates on Cloud With Chris (Weekly Vlogs, Blogs, Podcast Series episodes, Sessionize), Azure Updates, Community Updates (John Lunn aka JonnyChipz, Sarah Lean aka TechieLass, and Richard Hooper aka PixelRobots).

00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – First week of 2021
02:00 – Topic Summary
02:30 – Cloud with Chris Updates
07:35 – Azure Updates
09:11 – Community Updates
09:28 – John Lunn (JonnyChipz)
10:12 – Sarah Lean (TechieLass)
11:15 –
12:15 – Richard Hooper (Pixel Robots)
12:53 – Outro

Links –
GitHub Codespaces Video –
Call for Talks –
Azure Updates Page –
John Lunn’s (jonnychipz) Blog – (@jonnychipz on Twitter)
Sarah Lean’s (TechieLass) YouTube Channel – (@TechieLass on Twitter)
Cloud Family –
Richard Hooper’s (PixelRobots) – (@pixelrobots on Twitter)

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Author: Chris Reddington

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