Cloud Gaming Notes Episode 2 – Matchmaking Services – YouTube

Ever thought about what it takes to host a game in the Cloud? Well, this is the series for you! On the first Wednesday of every month, we explore Cloud Concepts that impact your journey to a connected multiplayer gaming experience! In this second session, we’ll play some Halo and talk about matchmaking services and how ensuring a resilient service is crucial to an end gamer’s experience.

00:00 – Synopsis
00:33 – Introduction
01:30 – Gaming as a Service
04:50 – Playing Xbox
06:20 – Syncing Game Data Across Devices
09:39 – Matchmaking
17:15 – Halo and the Actors Framework
21:55 – DevOps & LiveOps in Gaming
29:10 – Monitoring in Gaming
34:34 – What cloud technologies should I look at if I’m starting game dev? Hint: Requirements!
40:00 – Closing Thoughts (Community)
42:33 – Outro

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Author: Chris Reddington

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