Canvas Apps: Using the Patch and Defaults Function to Create a CDS Record and Add it to a Collection – YouTube

This video is part of my ‘Easy Opportunities Manager’ series, which documents building a basic #CanvasApp #PowerApp to easily manage opportunity records in the Common Data Service (#CDS). The series is aimed at beginners and provides a complete step by step walkthrough of how to build an app on the #Microsoft #PowerPlatform.

Exercise files, including required data and apps at the start and end of the build, are available here –

In this episode, I’ll demonstrate how to create and close an opportunity as Won in one action when the form mode is new, and it has no concept of the opportunity ID. In doing so, we will learn about the Patch and Defaults functions and how to we can add the resulting record of the Patch function to a Collection.


Author: Paddy Byrne

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