Canvas Apps: Create from Template, Connect to CDS, Preview, Launch on Device – YouTube

This video is part of my ‘Easy Opportunities Manager’ series, which documents building a basic #CanvasApp #PowerApp to easily manage opportunity records in the Common Data Service (#CDS). The series is aimed at beginners and provides a complete step by step walkthrough of how to build an app on the #Microsoft #PowerPlatform.

Exercise files, including required data, apps at the start and end of the build are available here –

In this first episode of ‘Freefalling Through… Canvas Apps’ I create a simple canvas app from a template that connects to the Common Data Service and displays a list of opportunities.

I demonstrate how to preview the app, save it, and launch the app on a mobile phone.

In Episode 2, I will amend the gallery so that relevant data displays in each item.


Author: Paddy Byrne

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