Can You Build an App Without a Product Owner?

  1. Ethan is a scrum master for a Power Platform team and his team is trying to build an app but the customer's product owner hasn't shown up yet! What should he do?

    If your team's product owner is missing in action, in this episode you'll learn how to prevent this situation from happening, what to do to recover, and what could happen if you don't. 

Estimating Business Applications
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Can You Build an App Without a Product Owner?

Neil Benson: [00:00:00] G’day. I’m Neil Benson. Welcome to Amazing Applications. This is episode 122, which means you’ll find show notes and resources at https://AmazingApps.Show/122. It’s been a couple of weeks since the last episode. I’ve been busy wrapping up the second private preview of my Winning Agile Projects masterclass with two Microsoft partners in the UK.

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