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This month on the I Am IT Geek podcast we sit down with Chris Pottrell to talk all things Azure Virtual Desktop and the woes of on-premises VDI! Check out this insightful conversation and do not forget to like, comment and subscribe!

Chris Pottrell Socials:

Episode Break-down:

00:00 – I am IT Geek Intro
00:43 – Chris Pottrell Intro
06:18 – Chris talks about his experience with VDI
11:27 – Chris explains how he has found the evolution of VDI
16:19 – Chris discusses Where he sees AVD in the current market
20:42 – Chris explains what he feels are benefits of AVD over its competitors
25:02 – Chris discusses methods he uses to keep the cost down of AVD
28:30 – Chris explains what he feels are a few draw-backs of AVD
32:22 – Chris tells us what new AVD features he is looking forward to
37:25 – Chris explains features he wishes AVD did have or were on the road-map
41:20 – Episode summary and thanks to Chris!


Author: shabaz darr

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