Anoop Tatti – SPFx CI/CD using GitHub Actions – YouTube

“GitHub Actions (small bits of code that run on different events in GitHub) were made generally available recently and have been very popular in the community.

In this session we will use GitHub Actions to set up continuous integration and continuous deployment of SPFx projects hosted in GitHub, thereby automating SPFx build and deployment. The session will cover the following concepts:

  • Introduction to GitHub Actions and workflows
  • Creating workflows for a GitHub repository and monitoring the workflow runs
  • PnP GitHub Actions that use Office 365 CLI
  • Creating CI/CD workflow for SPFx projects

Apart from this, the session will also contain information so that we can create and publish GitHub Actions that can talk to Microsoft 365. This includes:

  • Creating a simple Typescript Action
  • Showing a GitHub Action developed using Typescript that connects to Outlook calendar via Microsoft Graph API.


Author: Scottish Summit

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