A Journey to becoming an App maker with Hardit Bhatia – YouTube


Show Notes

• Hardit Bhatia talks about his country origin – originally from Mumbai, India.  
• The impact of the Covid19 pandemic in India and how does this affect his family?  
• How did Hardit got involved in technology?  
• Talks about Hardit’s educational and career background.  
• Discover the culture and the importance of education in India with Hardit.  
• How did Hardit start working with technology, and how did he get involved with PowerApps, Canvas Apps and Microsoft Dataverse?   
• A story about Hardit’s moving to another company.  
• What did the first 6months look like for Hardit in learning PowerApps, and what are the things he has done to help him?
• Talks about the Apps that Hardit built for Microsoft and the things he learnt working on these projects.  
• Hardit’s experience in building these Apps?  
• What role does UI play in designing apps, and how to make outstanding UI’s? 
• Hardit’s journey to becoming an App maker.  
• How to be an App Maker 
• Introduction to UI and UX design  
• The App Hardit has recently built that he is most proud of.  
• Hardit’s thoughts on Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Dataverse in Teams  
• The difference between Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Dataverse in Teams  
• The advantages, disadvantages and limitations of Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Dataverse in Teams 

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Author: NZ365Guy

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