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In this episode, we get back to a requirements based topic, and an area that will significantly impact the design of our resulting solution architecture. That topic is security! It’s one of the hot topics that organisations want to discuss when moving to the cloud. So I’m pleased to be joined in this episode by another colleague, Andrew Nathan, who has a wealth of knowledge in the cyber security space.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – Episode Context
02:00 – Where do you start the security discussion?
03:30 – What do you see as common themes/trends on the initial move?
08:25 – Iterative approaches to security and threat modelling
09:45 – What are common pitfalls/tips/tricks at the beginning of the journey?
14:20 – How often do you find customers thinking in a requirements-first mindset?
18:30 – Shared Security Model
22:00 – Importance of Context
23:40 – Azure Security Center
32:14 – Wargaming (Red Team vs Blue Team)
34:55 – Security Evolution
38:40 – Azure Sentinel
43:00 – Andrew’s Closing Thoughts
45:25 – Outro

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Author: Chris Reddington

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