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Do you know what caused the Titanic to sink? Poorly designed bulkheads. How can you ensure resilience between components in your cloud application? Effectively designed bulkheads! In this session, join Chris as he explores how the bulkhead pattern can help you prevent excessive load or failures in one service impacting the consumers of that service!

00:00 – Synopsis
00:25 – Introduction
01:25 – Analogy – Bulkheads and the Titanic
04:05 – Bulkheads in the Context of Cloud (Resilience & Fault Tolerance)
09:05 – Bulkhead in Cloud (Diagrams) – Isolating Services
10:30 – Bulkhead Issues & Considerations
16:30 – When to use / not use the bulkhead pattern
19:00 – Wrapup

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Author: Chris Reddington

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