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In this tutorial, we will discuss the Unix Shell Scripting tutorial, and also we will see the essential knowledge of UNIX architecture, shell scripting, UNIX commands, Shell Script automation, etc., Learn the advanced level techniques and features of Unix Shell Scripting through real-world examples. It also gives you an insight by scaling down some real-time scenarios and demonstrating them using the virtual machine.

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Some Of The Topics Discussed In This Unix Shell Scripting Tutorial:

0:00:00 Introduction to MindMajix
0:00:29 Unix Shell Scripting Content
0:02:23 Advantages of Unix Shell Scripting
0:04:58 Basic Architecture of UNIX
0:07:39 Unix File System Tree
0:10:20 Basic Commands in UNIX
0:33:51 Filter Commands
0:43:05 Variables Concept in Unix

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Who Should Learn Unix Shell Scripting?

β–Ί Unix Developers
β–Ί Unix Administrators
β–Ί Testing Professionals
β–Ί Mainframe Professionals
β–Ί Data Analysts
β–Ί Software Engineers

Skills Covered:

βœ… Overview of Unix Shell Scripting
βœ… Bash and Korn-Shell Scripting Fundamentals
βœ… Storing and Accessing Data
βœ… Processing Data
βœ… Modular Programming with Functions

KeyFeatures :

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