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Adobe Analytics Training | Adobe Analytics Course | Adobe Analytics Workspace Tutorial | MindMajix

This MindMajix’s YouTube video on Adobe Analytics training helps you learn and master the predictive intelligence you need to enhance an organizational customer experience, which uses advanced machine learning and automation that helps draw deeper insights from the user data. This Adobe Analytics course include topics like web analytics metrics, reporting, analysis, debugging, custom events and other administration-related things, and advanced DTM.

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0:00:23 About trainer
0:03:01 Scope of the demo
0:05:07 Adobe Analytics course outline
0:12:29 History
0:15:24 Need of a Web Analytics tool
0:16:48 Reporting and Analytics
0:23:29 Tag management solutions (TMS)
0:27:53 Adobe image beacon overview
0:29:12 Custobe Adobe variables
0:31:05 Dimension and Metric
0:33:09 Debugging
0:35:28 Projects
0:39:12 Certifications

🔵 About MindMajix’s Adobe Analytics Training

Learn MindMajix’s Adobe Analytics training through step-by-step demonstrations, real-world use-cases, and hands-on labs enables learners to match and analyze customer journeys using its various features like web and marketing analytics. This Adobe Analytics course also covers the concepts from the Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Certification Exam AD0-E212, and you will become an Adobe Analytics expert and apply for Analytics jobs.

🔑 Key Features:

👉 Certification Based Curriculum
👉 Learn from Industry Experts.
👉 Gain Job-ready Skills.
👉 24/7 Support.
👉 Dedicated Learning Mentors.
👉 Guaranteed Job Interviews.
👉 Real-life Projects.
👉 Get Certified.

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