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This MindMajix video on Tableau will help you in better understanding of What is Tableau and Tableau products. Tableau has been recognized as a market leader for the 7th consecutive year in the Gartner magic quadrant. Visualization transforms the data into a graphical format and helps organizations in making smart decisions. Tableau has become a major player in the data visualization industry with users from diverse backgrounds. It makes analyzing data fast, easy, beautiful, and useful. The compelling features and easy-to-use approach of Tableau have made it the best choice for data visualization in numerous companies all over the world.

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🔵 Why should I learn a Tableau Course?

Tableau is emerging as one of the trending technologies in the field of Business Intelligence. Top companies such as LinkedIn, Amazon, Ferrari, and other 35,000 companies are using Tableau in their deployments. The demand for Tableau professionals is skyrocketing as this data visualization tool is gaining high popularity in companies. The demand for Tableau professionals will grow even further as many more organizations are looking for permanent adoption of Tableau instead of experimentation.

🔵 Prerequisites to learn Tableau Training.

As such, there are no prerequisites for learning a Tableau course. The basic concepts of data analysis and R language will be beneficial but not mandatory.

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