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In This MindMajix video on Mulesoft Tutorial, we will discuss What is Mulesoft, the Guiding Principles Of Mulesoft, Difference between point-to-point integration and ESB integration, Mulesoft Architecture etc. One of the most popular enterprise service buses (ESB), Mule has the features of being Java-based, light-weight, and it functions as the runtime engine of a complete hybrid enterprise integration platform for SOA, SaaS and APIs called the Anypoint platform.

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Some Of The Topics Discussed In This Mulesoft Tutorial:

0:00:00 Introduction To MindMajix
0:00:17 Agenda
0:00:58 What Is Mulesoft?
0:02:08 Introduction To Mule ESB
0:03:47 Guiding Principles Of Mule ESB
0:04:57 Point To Point Intergration Vs ESB Intergration
0:07:14 Mulesoft Architecture
0:10:38 Mulesoft Demo
0:11:00 Downloading Mulesoft
0:13:47 Anypoint Studio Interphase

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๐Ÿ”ต About MuleSoft Course

MuleSoftโ€™s AnyPoint Platform is the one platform that builds both APIs and integrations. This course provides thorough knowledge to get started with MuleSoftโ€™s AnyPoint Platform and helps you learn how to use this platform to discover, design, deploy, and manage APIs and integrations. Youโ€™ll also learn to connect data, applications, and devices in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments through this integration and API platform. Our expert instructors train you with in-demand integration skills, provide proper guidance to validate your experience, and build your career with MuleSoft through this course.

๐Ÿ”ต Why should you learn MuleSoft

MuleSoft, provider of the world’s most widely used integration platform for connecting Enterprises. According to Enlyft, more than 5,949 companies use MuleSoft. The demand for talented MuleSoft professionals is great worldwide with tremendous opportunities. Learning MuleSoft will put you ahead of the curve when looking for opportunities. To gain a competitive advantage over others, you must sign up for a Mindmajix industry-recognized MuleSoft course.

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