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This MuleSoft Tutorial covers the basics of MuleSoft including Introduction to MuleSoft ESB, Guiding Principles of Mule ESB, Point to Point Integration vs ESB Integration, MuleSoft Architecture, components and features. This MuleSoft for beginners also covers how to build your first Hello Mule Application and how to create API using MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform. Overall you can learn the basics of MuleSoft and get started with creating your own applications.

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Topics covered in this Mulesoft Tutorial For Beginners

0:01:47 What is MuleSoft?
0:03:13 Introduction to MuleSoft ESB
0:05:17 Guiding Principles of Mule ESB
0:06:42 Point to Point Integration vs ESB Integration
0:09:05 MuleSoft Architecture
0:11:25 MuleSoft Hands on Practical Project

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Learn the key concepts of MuleSoft with this interactive Live Online course or through Self-paced Mulesoft Videos. Through 25 Hours of MuleSoft Training and hands-on activities, you’ll learn to design, build, test, and deploy integrations and APIs from Anypoint Platform to Anypoint Studio. Our Mulesoft developer training is designed and led by MuleSoft practitioners to take your knowledge from beginner to certified.

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MuleSoft Training Extra Add-ons

👉 WebServices
👉 SoapUI Pro
👉 Rest API
👉 Agile and Scrum

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