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This MindMajix video on TIBCO will help you know in detail about what is TIBCO, products, sample project creation, file activities etc. Tibco offers a complete package of the BusinessWorks. We have to deploy Tibco applications in one place to configure the BusinessWorks. Tibco BW is a Java-oriented product, and we can deploy the business logic, and it looks like a workflow. That is why it is called BusinessWorks. It has a fantastic integration feature that means it can connect anything.

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? TIBCO BW Tutorial? ➡
? EDI Integration in TIBCO BW ➡
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0:00:00 Introduction to MindMajix
0:00:28 AGENDA
0:01:17 Topics
0:09:05 What kind of companies/domains TIBCO is used
0:11:42 competitors of TIBCO
0:13:08 products of TIBCO
0:17:00 overview of studio
0:17:27 TIBCO business works 6.7 download
0:19:56 How to download trail version
0:21:41 BSP
0:25:05 Project Explorer
0:27:00 Select a wizard
0:27:33 Create a new project resource
0:28:41 Fundaments 1 Process
0:29:40 Process.bwp
0:32:09 Service Descriptors
0:32:53 Resourses
0:33:17 Module Descriptors
0:33:43 Overview
0:34:34 Sample project creation in TIBCO
0:36:36 Create File
0:40:14 Debug Configurations
0:50:31 Write File
0:56:49 Read File

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