What is Preview, Experimental and Retired features in Canvas Apps?

Microsoft Product Team makes changes and add new features in each and every release to make the Power Apps Studio the best tool to fit the developer needs and these features will undergo different number of stages before they roll out globally.

Also, whenever you open an App, you can see the below Preview, Experimental and Retired features under the App Settings.

In general, when you are creating a new app, by default,

  1. Preview features are Turned On and soon they will be incorporated into the Tool and there will no option to Turn Off this feature.
  2. Experimental features are Turned Off and they have to use them with caution, and this is because these features can be changed or removed permanently from the Tool.
  3. Retired features are Turned Off, and the features are ready to be removed from the Tool soon and the documentation will be provided to use alternative feature instead of the retired feature.

Features will go through the below stages before they…

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Author: Arun Potti

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