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This MindMajix video on PL/SQL Interview Questions and Answers video includes all the frequently asked Interview questions that give you an idea to crack your PL/SQL interview smartly. These Interview questions are curated by experts and will help you to brush up your knowledge in PL/SQL. This video session is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to prepare for a PL/SQL Interview.

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? Oracle PL/SQL Interview Questions ➡

0:00:00 Introduction to MindMajix
0:01:07 What is the difference between PL/SQL and SQL?
0:03:25 What is SQL and also describe types of SQL statements
0:05:01 What is an alias in SQL statements?
0:06:06 What is Literal? Give an example of where it can be used?
0:06:55 What is the difference between SQL and iSQLPlus?
0:08:28 Define the order of Precedence used in executing SQL statements?
0:10:04 Wat are SQL functions? Describe in brief different types of SQL functions?
0:11:02 Explain the character, number, and date function in detail?
0:12:11 What is a Dual Table?
0:12:37 Explain the Conversion function in detail?
0:13:49 Describe different types of General Function used in SQL?
0:15:28 What is the difference between COUNT (
), COUNT (expression), COUNT (distict expression)?
0:16:05 What is a Sub Query? Describe its Types.
0:17:35 What is the difference between ANY and ALL operators?
0:18:24 What is a MERGE statement?
0:18:44 What is the difference between the “VERIFY” and the “FEEDBACK” Command?
0:19:12 What is the use of Double Ampersand (&&) in SQL Queries? Give an example?
0:20:03 What are joins and how many types of Joins are there?
0:21:07 Explain all Joins used in Oracle?
0:22:41 Explain all Joins used in Oracle 9i and later release?
0:24:45 What is the difference between Entity, Attribute and Tuple?
0:25:22 What is a Transaction? Describe common errors that can occur while executing any Transaction?
0:26:00 What is locking in SQL? Describe its types?
0:26:58 What is the difference between Commit, Rollback, and Savepoint?
0:27:30 What are the advantages of COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements?
0:28:32 Describe naming rules for creating a Table?
0:29:35 What is a DEFAULT option in a Table?
0:30:06 State the difference between USER TABLES and DATA DICTIONARY?
0:30:40 Describe a few Data Types used in SQL?
0:31:50 In what scenario you can modify a column in a table?
0:32:40 Describe a few restrictions on using the “LONG” data type?
0:33:11 What is a SET UNUSED option?
0:33:38 What is the difference between Truncate and Delete?
0:34:42 What is the main difference between CHAR and VARCHAR2?
0:35:27 What are Constraints? How many types of constraints are there?
0:36:19 Describe types of Constraints in brief?
0:38:53 What is the main difference between Unique Key and Primary Key?

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