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This MindMajix video on MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers video includes all the frequently asked Interview questions that give you an idea to crack your MongoDB interview smartly. These Interview questions are curated by experts and will help you to brush up your knowledge in MongoDB. This video session is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to prepare for a MongoDB Interview.

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0:00:00 Introduction to MindMajix
0:00:16 What is NoSQL?
0:00:49 When to use NoSQL?
0:01:23 When to use SQL?
0:02:05 How does database management system budget memory?
0:02:35 What is eventual consistency in NoSQL Stores?
0:03:03 What is Namespace in MongoDB?
0:03:24 What is the syntax to create a collection and to drop a collection in MongoDB?
0:03:58 Mention what is ObjectID composed of?
0:04:35 In a single MongoDB document what is the store capacity?
0:04:54 What is the alternate to store more than 16MB data in MongoDB document?
0:05:26 What is BSON in MongoDB?
0:05:52 What are the supported datatypes in MongoDB?
0:06:29 What is the use of pretty () methods?
0:06:45 Do a MongoDB database support foreign-key and primary-key relationship?
0:06:56 What is CURD?
0:07:16 What is the difference between insert (), insertone() and insertMany() methods?
0:07:54 How to display all the documents?
0:08:03 What is Bulk Write Operation?
0:09:02 What is the use of $set?
0:09:15 Is MongoDB supports query joins between collections?
0:09:27 How are relationships maintained in MongoDB?
0:10:17 How do you model One-to-One relationship in MongoDB?
0:10:47 How do you model One-to-Many relationship in MongoDB?
0:11:26 What are the different ways to model tree structures with MongoDB?
0:12:06 What is the use of limit () in MongoDB Query?
0:12:26 What is the use of sort () in MongoDB Query?
0:12:45 What is the use of skip () in MongoDB Query?
0:12:59 What is the use of an index in MongoDB?
0:13:14 Which method is used to create Index?
0:13:26 Define MongoDB projection?
0:13:39 Which index is created by MongoDB for every collection?
0:14:17 What is replica set?
0:14:57 What is primary replica Set?
0:15:30 What is secondary replica Set?
0:16:10 What is replica Set oplog?
0:16:26 What is sharding?
0:16:46 Define horizontal scaling?
0:17:25 Define vertical scaling?
0:17:55 What are the components of sharded cluster?
0:18:11 What is a shard key?
0:25:21 What are the accumulator Operators?
0:26:27 What features in MongoDB is used to do safe backups?
0:26:52 Which utility used for backup and restore?
0:28:23 Different MongoDB Backup Methods?
0:28:51 What are the MongoDB Configuration and Maintenance?
0:29:34 What are the uses of MongoDB Ops Manager?

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