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MySQL is the most widely used open-source relational database management system, frequently combined with PHP. It is quick, dependable, and simple to use on the web and server. Tables are used to store data in a MySQL database. A table is a group of connected data divided into rows and columns.

This MindMajix video on MySQL Interview Questions and Answers video includes all the frequently asked Interview questions that give you an idea to crack your MySQL interview smartly. These Interview questions are curated by experts and will help you to brush up your knowledge in MySQL. This video session is designed for both beginners and professionals who want to prepare for a MySQL Interview.

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0:00:00 Introduction to MindMajix
0:01:07 What is MySQL?
0:01:34 What are some advantages of using MySQL?
0:02:27 Which drivers are necessary for MySQL?
0:02:49 What are the key difference between PostgreSQL and MySQL?
0:04:56 How can you interact with MySQL?
0:05:35 What is the difference between NOW() and CURRENT_DATE()?
0:06:06 What are the objects can be created using CREATE Statement?
0:06:24 What are the tables in MySQL? Explain the types.
0:08:57 What are the Numeric Data Types in MySQL?
0:09:38 What are the string Data Types in MySQL?
0:10:01 What are the Temporal Data Types in MySQL?
0:11:15 What is BLOB in MySQL?
0:11:33 What are MySQL Triggers?
0:12:21 How many Triggers are possible in MySQL?
0:12:38 What is the MySQL Server?
0:13:08 What are the MySQL clients and utilities?
0:14:37 What is MySQL Workbench?
0:15:03 How does database import/export work in MySQL?
0:16:20 Can a primary key be dropped in MySQL? If yes, how?
0:17:04 What are Procedures in MySQL?
0:17:27 What are all the Common MySQL functions?
0:19:02 What Storages engines are used in MySQL?
0:19:19 When does MySQL lock tables?
0:20:02 Where does MySQL store passwords?
0:20:30 Can MySQL store images and videos?

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