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This MindMajix video on TIBCO will help you know in detail about general activities, studio for designers, JDBC Query, Create New Subprocess, Create New Schema, Process Syncronization etc. Tibco offers a complete package of the BusinessWorks. We have to deploy Tibco applications in one place to configure the BusinessWorks. Tibco BW is a Java-oriented product, and we can deploy the business logic, and it looks like a workflow. That is why it is called BusinessWorks. It has a fantastic integration feature that means it can connect anything.

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0:00:00 Introduction to Mindmajix
0:00:28 AGENDA
0:01:09 Studio for Designers
0:01:58 Callprocess
0:03:00 Timer
0:04:00 Create New Subprocess
0:04:59 General B.bwp
0:05:28 Log File
0:06:49 Debug Configurations
0:11:47 JDBC Query
0:11:53 JMSSendMessa
0:13:22 Exit File
0:20:03 Add Mapper
0:21:30 Create New Subprocess
0:21:38 General add
0:22:10 Add Mapper
0:22:27 Create New Schema
0:28:05 XPath Builder
0:30:22 BusinessWorks Applications
0:35:21 Process Syncronization
0:36:46 General Notify
0:37:11 Add Notify
0:37:34 Notify Configuration Resource
0:40:27 Wait for Notification
0:42:08 Add Sleep Activity
0:44:48 General.Notify.Receive
0:45:50 BusinessWorks Process
0:46:14 Repeat.bwp
0:46:47 Repeat
0:48:14 Write File
0:55:25 While.bwp
1:01:49 Iterate.bwp
1:02:27 List Files
1:03:04 Add Iterate box
1:12:23 Local Transaction
1:13:01 Critical Section

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