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This MindMajix video on Spring Boot will help you know in detail about What is Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), AOP Terminologies, AOP with Spring Boot etc. Spring Boot is a way to ease the creation of a stand-alone application with zero or minimal configurations. It is basically an approach to build applications based on the Spring framework with minimal configuration. Spring Boot makes it easy for the creation of production-grade, spring-powered services, and applications with minimum confusion.

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0:00:00 Introduction to MindMajix
0:00:27 AGENDA
0:01:17 What is Aspect Oriented Programming
0:04:54 Aspect-Oriented Programming
0:09:12 AOP Terminologies
0:09:47 Aspect
0:10:09 Advice
0:10:46 Join point
0:11:42 Pointcut
0:13:05 Wiring
0:13:29 Target Object
0:14:11 Proxy Object
0:14:20 Types of Advices
0:21:56 Create new Spring Starter Project
0:24:53 SpringbootAopDemoApp
0:26:46 Application.Properties
0:29:35 Product.Java
0:32:37 Product Repository.Java
0:34:46 Product Service.Java
0:36:34 Product ServiceImpl.Java
0:39:17 Product Controller.Java
0:44:29 Logging Aspect.Java
0:54:06 MySQL Workbench 8.0 CE
0:59:58 History

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