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This MindMajix’s YouTube video on Salesforce Lightning training is developed by the industry experts to help the learners expertise in the Salesforce Lightning Framework Conceptions. In this MindMajix’s Salesforce Lightning course video you will learn to create a basic component, Html template, understand LWS bundle, conditional rendering, loops or iteration, security with lightning locker service, aura coexistence, debugging and testing and more. Learn Salesforce Lightning Components Course and become a master in building custom apps using LWC or AURA.

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🔵 About MindMajix’s Salesforce Lightning Training

Mindmajix Salesforce Lightning Training is developed and orchestrated by the industry experts to help the learners expertise in the Salesforce Lightning Framework Conceptions. As a part of this Salesforce Lightning course, you will acquire hands-on knowledge of Lightning Web Components (LWC), Javascript Basics, SLDS Components, and Aura Framework. This training program includes 3 real-time projects to provide you with exposure to advanced concepts like Lightning App Builder, Custom Events, and Lightning Components. Through this Salesforce Lightning Online Training, you can master all the skills required to build the apps through Lightning App Builder. Enroll to become a Certified Salesforce Lightning App Builder.

🔵 Salesforce Lightning Course Projects

Our Salesforce Lightning Training course aims to deliver quality training that covers solid fundamental knowledge on core concepts with a practical approach. Such exposure to the current industry use-cases and scenarios will help learners scale up their skills and perform real-time projects with the best practices.
Use Case 1: Suggested Cases Component using Lightning Web Components
Use Case 2: E-Bikes Lightning Web Components Sample Application
Use Case 3: Employee Management Application
Use Case 4: Personal Portfolio
Use Case 5: Expense Management Application

🔑 Key Features:

👉 Certification Based Curriculum
👉 Learn from Industry Experts.
👉 Gain Job-ready Skills.
👉 24/7 Support.
👉 Dedicated Learning Mentors.
👉 Guaranteed Job Interviews.
👉 Real-life Projects.
👉 Get Certified.

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