Microsoft Power Apps Developer Plan vs Power Apps Trial 30 days

In my earlier article, I have explained about the Microsoft Power Apps Developer Plan and in this article, will explain about the differences between Developer Plan vs Power Apps Trial 30 days.

These 2 can be created for free, but for a different purpose, will see them below.

Microsoft Power Apps Developer Plan Microsoft Power Apps Trial
Unlimited number of days. Only for 30 days, but can be extended 2 times, up to 90 days.
For Development and Test use only. Meant for trying out the Production Premium applications.
No such applications available and can create new applications from scratch. Can try Production Power Apps Premium Applications like Sales, Customer Service etc.
Capacity: Flow runs/month – 750,
Database size – 2 GB.
Default database size.
Security groups can’t be assigned to developer environments. Full Control and can be assigned to any Security group or none.
Power Apps Developer Plan that are inactive for the last 90 days will be deleted after notifying the…

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Author: Arun Potti

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