{How to } Set Forecast Manager Security Role in Dynamics 365 Sales

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Today i am going to share how to configure the Forecast Manager Security Role and what is the purpose of the Forecast Management.

Let’s get’s started.
How to add Forecast Manager security role to the user?
Login into Sales Hub, Settings > Security Roles > User > Assign the FORECAST MANAGER ROLE.

What is Forecast Management?
It helps sellers can track performance against targets and identify pipeline risks that might jeopardize their ability to hit them.

Managers can track individual sales performance against quotas to proactively provide coaching.

Directors can use forecast trends to anticipate departmental sales and allocate resouces if necessary.

Organisations leaders can use the projected estimates to change the product strategy or provide updated projections to investors.
How to configure forecasts by defining based on revenue or quantity.
We can define the type of forecast, the hierarchy access permissions, and the details we want to see in the forecast grid.
After a…

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Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

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