{How to} Resolve Relationship Mapping fields between Opportuntiy and Quote entities Dynamics 365 Sales

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Today i am going to share simple OOTB feature which some of them aware but i want to bring this to my blog readers.
Scenario: Suppose there is a requirement to transfer some data from Opportunity to Quote when an Opportunity is qualified automatically. 
Like When a lead is qualified some of the data will be automatically transferred to Opportunity, do you know how this is happening without any code written, its because of “Relationship Mapping” from the 1-N relationship between entities.
Lets see this in action.
So for this example i have created a business unit lookup field on the Opportunity entity, and also on the Quote entity same business unit lookup field is created.
Now i want to carry same field value of business unit of Opportunity to business unit of Quote.
Create a solution and add the opportunity and quote to it.
Steps taken:
1. Create a business unit lookup field on the opportunity

make sure select the target entity for the business unit…

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Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

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