{How to} Hide + button on global ribbon menu in Dynamics 365

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Today i am going to show how to hide the global ribbon button “+” on Dynamics 365.

Let’s get’s started.
Suppose you had a requirement to hide the + sign button on Global Ribbon on Dynamics 365 from your organisation business stakeholders, then how do you do that?

Hiding the “+” (New Record) button on the global ribbon in Dynamics 365 involves modifying the Ribbon Workbench or using a Custom Javascript web resources to control the visibility of the button. Here the general steps to achieve this:
1. Access Ribbon Workbench:
Install and Open the Ribbon Workbench tool in your Dynamics 365 environment. you can find this tool in the Dynamics 365 Solutions area.
2. Select the entity:
Choose the entity for which you want to hide the “+” button in the global ribbon.
3.Edit the Ribbon:
In the Ribbon Workbench, locate the RibbonDiffXml  for the entity you selected. This is where you can customize the ribbon.
4. Find the “+” Button Element:
Locate the “+” (New Record) button element in the…

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Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

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