[How to} enable relationship insights in Dynamics 365 sales insights

Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to share how to enable relationship insights in dynamics 365 sales insights.

Let’s get’s started.
What is relationship insights?
Relationship Intelligence helps sellers use the information in Dynamics 365 and Microsoft  365 to identify, build, and nurture relationships with their customers.

Relationship Intelligence = ENABLE.
Enable for all security roles, specific security roles.
Relationship Analytics:
Relationship analytics monitors customer relationships with health score and detailed analytics about interactions, patterns and trends based on interaction data from Dynamics 365 and Outlook.
Who Knows Whom:
Who knows whom helps sellers quickly identify colleagues within the organisation who can introduce them to lead or contract = Enabled.
Finally Save.
Relationship analytics and health:

Relationshio health : Rating and trends appear on sales insights opportunity record forns, list views and charts. ENABLED.
Activity influence:
You can adjust the…

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Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

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