How to Configure Model Driven App Behavior settings from Power Platform Admin Center

Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to share how to configure behavior setting for model driven app from power platform admin center.
Lets gets started.
Have you ever wondering how the record save function works from user point of view?
1. Auto save
It’s from the Behavior settings “Auto Save”, by default it’s ON. Auto save works every 30 seconds, if you want dont auto save to happen Auto Save to OFF.

2. Load default static content from Content Delivery Network
 Canvas apps will load out of the box static content from azure content delivery(CDN) service.
3. Share reassigned records with original owner
when it is turned on users can reassign the shared records with original owner.
4. Open in application mode
Default its Off, Select ON to enable application mode, When its ON, The  Model Driven Apps can be opened in a browser without Menu, navigation or toolbars.
When we hide these parts of the browser causes customer engagement apps to appear like a separate application rather than a website.


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Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

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