How to add and use Copilot answer control (Preview) in Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft has released the public preview of the control “Copilot answer control“, a new way to add generative AI to our applications.

Using this control, we can easily get the answers to the commonly asked questions on a single click and also, we can easily configure the copilot question to get the answers.

Follow the below steps to insert the control in the Canvas App and the Use cases of this control.


  1. Click on the below article link and create a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Profile.

    Create a Profile in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

  2. Click on the below article link to create Power Apps Trial 30 days or if you have already have an Powers Apps Tenant, skip this step.

    Create Microsoft Power Apps 30 days Online Trial Version

Follow the below steps after the Pre-Requisites.

Step 1: Create a new Canvas App or open an existing Canvas App.

Step 2: Click on Insert and Click on Copilot answer under Artificial Intelligence.

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Author: Arun Potti

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