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Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to share the concept of Cards in Power Apps.
Lets gets started.
Power Apps are mini app and data from dataverse(for now) and we can include the workflow, very interactive, easy to use UI elements, so other applicationw can use as content.
Power Apps cards can add and use business logic through Power Fx, it can integrate with business data through Power Platform Connectors.
We can quickly build the app and share apps without any coding.
How to start creating Cards?
On the hand side of the menu click more and you can see the ‘Cards’ and then PIN it to the menu, so that next time you can directly see the Cards on the menu itself.
Click on Cards(Preview)
New Card:
You will be prompted with Card designer UI.

Card designer layout:
  • Main Menu
  • Tool Pane
  • Card Canvas
  • Card
  • Property Pane
  • Formula bar
  • Play button
Point 1: Main Menu
We can use this menu to switch between the tools available in the card designer.
Tree View: Hierarchy and view the…

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Author: Malla Reddy Gurram

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